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Re: powernow-k8 problem

On Wednesday 10 May 2006 02:35, Stephen Liu wrote:
> ACPI:Unable to load the System Descrition Tables
> powernow-K8: MP system not suported by PSB BIOS Structure

I had almost the same issue, mine showed an error about the kernel not being 
able to claim resources for a specific device and the powernow problem.
Both are solved after my BIOS upgrade.

> Poweroff or 'shutdown -h now" won't power off the PC.

About the same here, but I'm not tried to power down yet, so I'm not sure 
whether it has improved. Usually this box is on all the time.

> I have been googling around and failed to find a solution.  I suspect
> the problem accounting to BIOS.  On the same PC runs WinXP on another
> HD and there is no problem on "power off" at exiting WinXP.

Your problem does look very identical to what I had, so I also expect it to be 
a BIOS issue but of course it's difficult to be absolutely sure about it.


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