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Re: fc5: install everything?

> One of the issues though with doing this (grrr) is the Fedora Trademark.
> To do it - all the Fedora artwork legally has to be removed and
> replaced.

Interesting - the equivalent to Centos but with fedora as the

However if all you really want to do is become the expert who
decides what 'everything' means for some set of people that
might care about your opinion, couldn't you do that by
publishing the output of some invocation of 'rpm -q' in
a format that could be used directly by anyone's yum to
load up the same packages?

The bottom line is that the 'everything' selection was very useful. Where I work that is just what we do to all servers and workstations... install everything. Allows for less difficulties in choosing what to install and all machines end up with the same basic content except for the specialty items required due the the computer hardware. Now it takes longer to do an install. Of course that's assuming I could get FC5 to install... I am very disappointed and have given up.

-- Les Mikesell lesmikesell gmail com

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