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Re: spambayes

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Claude Jones wrote:
> Thanks, found it - so now I have both Spamassassin and Spambayes
> running on one of my machines. Now, I just have to figure out how to
> train Spamassassin...

It can be as simple as:

    $ sa-learn --spam /path/to/spam/folder
    $ sa-learn --ham /path/to/ham/folder

Obviously, you'll want to automate and integrate that into your
MUA(s), but that shouldn't be too tough.  And you already have a nice
body of ham and spam to train on so it should be interesting to see
which performs better.

One tweak I made was to bump the scores for messages that matched
various levels of Bayes scores.  Once trained it is highly accurate so
I don't really need much more than a BAYES_99 hit from Spamassassin to
comfortably drop mail to my spam folder.  The defaults are a little
more conservative (as they should be).

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