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FC5 kernel 2.6.16 problem with sun java jdk1.4 on x86_64

hi all,

i have a big problem with my sun java jdk version 1.4 (i386!) on my FC5 x86_64. until now i had no problem running this (old) java in fedora systems, but since i updated the kernel from 2.6.15 to 2.6.16 (both 2.6.16-1.2096 and 2111) i get the following error when i try to call this java:
/java/JBuilder9/jdk1.4/bin/java -version

Another exception has been detected while we were handling last error.
Dumping information about last error:
PC                = 0x0xf7f28084
SIGNAL            = 11
OFFSET            = 0xF7F28084
Please check ERROR REPORT FILE for further information, if there is any.
Good bye.

with a slightly newer version of suns jdk 1.4 (also i386) i get simply the message "segmentation fault". i suppose this is due to some changes in the kernel, as with kernel 2.6.15 (the kernel which is installed on a newly installed FC5) this java runs smoothly.
i know i should either switch to the gcj or to suns jdk 1.5.* for x86_64 or use Blackdowns jdk 1.4 for x86_64 (i tested all these different javas and they all work), but as i am using Borlands JBuilder 9 to develop my java applications there is no way to do this, because JBuilder 9 runs only with its own jdk which is unfortunately the old jdk1.4 i386. actually i tried already to change this, but JBuilder crashes when i try to run it with a different jdk (no matter which one).
has anybody a solution to this problem?

thanks in advance,

Johannes Rainer, Msc
Tyrolean Cancer Research Institute
Innrain 66, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
Tel.: +43 512 570485 15
Email: johannes rainer tcri at
           johannes rainer tugraz at
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