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Re: I wish I never had this ... please help me fight it!

jludwig wrote:

> When you use your rescue disk, cat your passwd file and see if the user
> root exists.
> If not you may need to enter the user root manually.
> The system will not boot without a root user (and probably password) since
> most programs and files (all system files??) are owned by root.

Thanks for replying!

It was nsswitch.conf !

I had previously (about 3 weeks ago) modified nsswitch.conf to something
like this

passwd:     compat winbind
shadow:     compat
group:      compat winbind

and I could login all the time without problems.

Somehow, after updating the system to latest kernel an dbus versions, it
started to play the foul ...

As soon as I put 

passwd:     files compat winbind
shadow:     files compat
group:      files compat winbind

and restarted the system, I could login as root or whatever I wanted.

It's weird, though ...

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