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Re: fc5: install everything?

"Stanton Finley" wrote:
> Actually you can tell yum to install everything with the command "yum -y
> --disablerepo=\* --enablerepo=core --enablerepo=updates install \*" as
> root. However you will find that in practice this command results in
> numerous conflicts. Some programs will not co-exist with others. For
> example vsftpd does not like proftpd and bind does not like
> cacheing-nameserver.
> Don't get me wrong. I was one who begged for the install everything
> option to be retained as were many others (certainly more than 10 as
> someone maintained in a previous post). Those many others may not have
> had the savvy to file "enhancement requests" to bugzilla to make their
> case and so resorted to the message boards and mailing lists. Because
> normal users have not been initiated into the inner sanctum where the
> elite of Fedora development make the decisions their wants and needs for
> the most part go unnoticed or unheeded.

I come to this discussion a little late, and have read only a 
fraction of the previous replies, but I did not see one relevent 
issue mentioned.

For users with slow, poor, or no, internet connections trying 
to add software after the install is done, is a royal pain-in-
the-butt.  Yum likes the internet.  Yum does not do CDs.   
Yum does not even do local repos very well.  Not everyone 
(especially people installing fedora for the first time) have 
the knowlage or hardware/network resources to setup a 
local repo.

So for this group of people, being able to install everything
saves a huge amount of pain.  I hope the lean-and-mean
fedora advocates keep this in mind, and will provide a CD
set of fedora extras along with a one CD fedora core if
thin-fedora distribution becomes a reality.

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