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Re: FC5: X won't start

On Fri, 2006-04-21 at 22:32 -0400, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> Mikael Rasmussen writes:
> > No something else must be wrong.
> > 
> > I have installed the latest kernel (2.6.16-1.2096_FC5)
> > I have installed the latest NVIDIA driver (NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-8756)
> > 
> > All I get is a black screen, with a blinking dash in the top left corner, 
> > and a big white mousecursor.
> > 
> > I have even tried to reinstall without any luck
> Take it up with Nvidia.  Nvidia is a closed, proprietary software driver 
> that cannot be debugged.  Furthermore, depending on how you've installed it, 
> Nvidia's scripts often overwrite key xorg libraries, permanently screwing up 
> your system completely, beyond all repair.

That's a bunch of bullcrap.  I've used nvidia drivers since they were
first released, and I've never experienced what you describe or seen
anyone else that has either.  Sounds to me like you're trolling.

> If you want to use non-free software, other Linux distributions are more 
> appropriate.  Fedora's designed to run free software only.

Fedora designed to run free software only?  What kind of a fascist are
you anyway?  Fedora will run anything that you can get to run on it, it
doesn't give a rip wether you paid for it or not.  There are no freeware
stormtroopers built into this OS, and I've got tons of closed source
code running on this box right now.  Nobody with swastikas on their arms
knocked on my door when I loaded my nvidia drivers or ran my winblows
programs under FC5.  When I booted this OS up I didn't see any swastikas
in the boot logos.  So while there are alot of Nazis surrounding this OS
like flies, it's still not being designed by Nazis.  This is a free OS,
for both open and closed source, and I don't see that changing anytime
soon, until the Gestapo tracks the developers down and threatens to
throw them in the ovens if they don't comply.

FC is not an ideology it's an operating system.

>   If you want to 
> continue to try to fix whatever the problem is, you must do the following.
> 1.  Remove all nvidia software
> 2.  Remove the kernel RPMs
> 3.  Remove all xorg RPMs
> 4.  Reinstall all xorg and kernel RPMs
> 5.  Use "rpm -V" to verify that all xorg and kernel RPM packages have 
> been succesfully restored, without being tampered by nvidia's binary blobs
> 6.  Use system-config-display to generate a fresh xorg configuration
> 7.  Try to start X
> Only if Xorg still fails to start, at this point, will anyone who's really 
> knowledgeable on X matter will be able to help you.  Then, after X starts, 
> you can try reinstall Nvidia's non-free drivers.  If X continues to work, 
> congratulations, you've fixed whatever was broken.  If X stops working 
> again, take it up with Nvidia.
> But, if the reason you posted here is only to get help with Nvidia's 
> software, then this is the wrong place to ask for help.  You'll help a 
> better chance of getting help from Nvidia's forums, instead of this mailing 
> list.
> I can guarantee you, that, as soon as you've mentioned Nvidia's binary blob, 
> all the experienced technical people around here have automatically tuned 
> you out.

It's best if you don't start talking for everybody else, they are
perfectly capable of speaking their own mind for themselves.  That
includes me, as one of those technical people.

>   Loading Nvidia's non-free driver, into a system that's based on 
> free software components only, is analogous to peeling off the "removing 
> this sticker voids warranty" on electronics gear.

Not really, there are tons of users that use both the livna nvidia
drivers and the Nvidia-supplied drivers from the manufacturer.  They do
it because they want to, because they are free agents that can do
whatever they want with their systems.


When the ax entered the forest, the trees said,
"The handle is one of us!"   -- Turkish proverb
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