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Re: Fishing License

Les Mikesell wrote:
On Thu, 2006-05-11 at 14:47, Robin Laing wrote:

I'll have to face an uphill battle in September.

If you win, go all the way and get them to install k12ltsp and
save a ton of money.

 The other option I'm

looking at is OpenOffice Portable that a teacher could run off a
thumbdrive.  That way no software is installed on the school computer,
but it allows parents/students to use an open source format for their
presentations.  If PPT could read open source (and accurately) it
would be a non-issue in that sense.  At least parents would still have
that choice despite the school using proprietary software.

Another option that is simple is to put together a CD of FOSS software to give to the teacher/IT/administrators that can be copied and given to all the students. This way all the students and teachers are using the same software. Solves many headaches.

Already done: http://www.theopencd.org/programs

Thanks. I had forgotten about this project. It does look like they need to update their CD though.

Robin Laing

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