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Re: Empty boot.log

On Thu, 2006-05-11 at 19:30 -0300, John DeDourek wrote:
> Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> > So basically, I need to boot, then immediate check /var/log/dmesg ?
> >
> Clarification:
> You can either:
> -- boot and then immediately type
>     /sbin/dmesg

There have been several references to /sbin/dmesg.  THIS DOES NOT EXIST.

If you run the command 'which dmesg' you will find that it is
actually /bin/dmesg, and any user can use that utility by simply typing
'dmesg' at the command line.

Please, if you (everyone) are giving the full paths, at least be
accurate in what you say.

>    which is a utility that shows the latest ???K of kernel messages, 
> which should be
>    all the boot messages if you do it before there are too many other 
> messages from
>    the kernel
> OR
> -- boot and anytime before the next boot type
>     cat /var/log/dmesg
>     or whatever scheme you use to look at a text file.  This shows the 
> file that
>    "remembers" what "/sbin/dmesg" produced shortly after boot.
> If you are familiar with shell scripts, there is a script that runs 
> shortly after boot that
> does something like
>     /sbin/dmesg  >  /var/log/dmesg

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