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Re: DynDNS client for Fedora?

On 5/11/06, Jerry Roy <jroy ipass com> wrote:

Anyone have a Dynamic DNS Client that works well with Fedora?


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Are you looking for someone's personal experience with a specific one,
or looking for a list?  Because they provide a list on their site at
http://www.dyndns.com/support/clients/unix.html/.  I had used one for
a while that worked, but I forget the name now.  It was something like
epynom but I can't find that name so that's not it.  I suspect any of
the ones listed should work well.  The one I was using (when I did a
clean install to FC5 I didn't bother with that app, using the router
instead) used web sites that provide your IP to assist it with its

Jacques B.

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