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Re: Fishing License

Tim wrote:
On Thu, 2006-05-11 at 14:52 -0300, Jacques B. wrote:
It's unreasonable to expect parents to have access to PowerPoint for
school projects.

I think it's unreasonable that parents should have to stump with $1000+
worth of machinery (a PC), plus proprietary lock-in software, for

Yes indeed, although many families will have one anyway nowadays for Internet access. The lockin bit is true, I grind my teeth knowing my taxes moronically go to perpetuate a MSFT monopoly for the next generation.

It, homework, is pointless anyway.  I work in electronics, I highly
technical field.  I've never needed anything I was taught at high school
beyond basic maths in the first couple years, and the same applies for
most people that I know in a wide variety of jobs.  All those nightly

My wife is a lecturer, they have a term 'autodidact' meaning someone that teaches themselves. I recognized your experience of school as being pretty similar to my own, but I don't think our case is the majority one. Other people need a structured logical and progressive course to digest information whereas if you can acquire knowledge and follow veins of it on your own, everything outside where you wanted to go is nothing but a painful holdback. Each educational era had it fads and passing methodologies, and every country has it different, no wonder many people disagree with your global assertions :-)


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