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Re: Win2003 login remotely to FC4 via VNC

On Fri, 2006-05-12 at 02:47, zillah wrote:
> > There is a run-from-cd version at
> > http://xlivecd.indiana.edu
> Thanks for this link,I was not aware of this CD.

If you like the way it works it will be somewhat faster
if you install it on the hard disk and you can get a
current version from http://www.cygwin.com.  I usually
do a base cygwin install taking the defaults, then
repeat checking the X option.

> > That error doesn't make much sense unless you have a syntax error.
> Why ?

The error isn't saying it can't connect, it says something about
the address being invalid which doesn't make sense if you
are on the same LAN.

> > Does the java view that you'd get by pointing a browser at[b]:5802[/b]
> i will try this , but why did you include this port number 5802 with server ip address ?

Xvnc (which is what vncserver starts) provides a mini-web server
to download a java viewer applet at port 5800 + the screen
number it is serving.  Normally the dedicated native viewers
are a little better but if you are having a problem you can
try it with the applet.  Another test is to telnet to port
5900 + screen number.  If the vnc server is running and
not firewalled you'll get a response like 'RFB 003.008'.
You can't do anything useful at that point but it verifys that
the server is running and reachable.

> > If you enable xdm logins on the fedora
> > side 
> I will try this as well to see the result

I think the xlivecd lets you connect over ssh instead, but
if you don't need encryption, a straight xdm connection will
be faster.  On the fc4 box, run gdmconfig and click the
XDCMP tab to get to the place where you enable XDCMP connections.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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