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Re: How to resize ext3 partitions?


> Theoretically, you could fdisk to delete the old partition and then
> create a new partition that starts where the old one did and continues
> to "further" cylinders.  Then you could use either "resize2fs" or
> "ext2online" to resize the filesystem to match.  This, of course, only
> works if you are growing, not shrinking.  Shrinking needs to be done in
> reverse.  First, run resize2fs to shrink the filesystem then use fdisk
> to delete/recreate the partition as long as it starts at the original
> location.  Of course, this is all questionable behavior these days.
> There is also the problem of the natural contiguous nature of
> filesystems and the need to move partitions when doing all this.  The
> real recommendation would be backup and recreate the filesystems
> inserting LVM into the middle to virtualize the diskspace and provide
> the convenience of resizability....

Thanks for your comments. Very helpful.


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