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Re: FC5 - Logwatch reports stopped

Don Russell wrote:
Usually I receive a Logwatch report via e-mail everyday, timestamped at 0402 LOCAL TIME.

Today is the second day in a row I did not receive a report at all?

I tried running logwatch as root with --print but after a minute or so, there is nothing displayed and the command prompt is displayed again?

What would cause logwatch to stop reporting things? Where are the log files it uses to build the daily report?

The report showed things such as which updates were installed, current disk space, log in attempts (successful and failed)

It's not as if none of those things happened.

How does Logwatch get started each day? crontab -l doesn't show anything for root?

Thanks for any suggestions... :-)

logwatch monitors log files and services as defined in /etc/log.d/conf/... usually these log files reside in /var/log

the crontab -l is a user crontab, there's also a system crontab defined in /etc/crontab

could your /tmp be full?

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