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Re: Cisco VPN or???

Truls Gulbrandsen wrote:
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Hi there,
I am testing the possibility of using my FC5 laptop to connect to my
office lan.  To do this I have a Cisco VPN client and config/profile file.

Having heard that FC5 comes with Cisco VPN possibilities I was wondering
if I have to install the Cisco client or if can just configure FC5,
supply the config/profile file and be up and running.  If so, I have not
succeeded in finding any howto.

Can someone please advice me and also maybe give me brief howto.

Thanks and regards,
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(If you are using GNOME; KDE currently does not have a NetworkManager applet.) Install NetworkManager-vpnc. Then, open system-config-services and check (for runlevel 5) NetworkManager and NetworkManagerDispatcher, and uncheck network. Click save and close it. Then upon restart, you will have the NetworkManager applet, with a "VPN Connections" menu; you should be able to configure it from there using the GUI. You may need to restart NetworkManager (as root, service NetworkManager restart) after adding the VPN profile, for it to show up.

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