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Re: Cisco VPN or???

On 5/12/06, Truls Gulbrandsen <trulsg broadpark no> wrote:
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Hi there,
I am testing the possibility of using my FC5 laptop to connect to my
office lan.  To do this I have a Cisco VPN client and config/profile file.

Having heard that FC5 comes with Cisco VPN possibilities I was wondering
if I have to install the Cisco client or if can just configure FC5,
supply the config/profile file and be up and running.  If so, I have not
succeeded in finding any howto.

Can someone please advice me and also maybe give me brief howto.

Thanks and regards,
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I use Cisco VPN 4.8 client with my FC5 systems.  There is a package called vpnc that works with FC5 that works like the Cisco VPN client.  There is also a converter program that will convert your pfc files to vpnc config files.  I have not used it much because I never had time to play around with the vpnc program.

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