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Re: Fedora Core is careless

Karl Larsen wrote:
Paul Howarth wrote:
On Fri, 2006-05-12 at 12:12 -0600, Karl Larsen wrote:
On FC5 you remembered to link libstdc++.so.5 to whatever the version is on this version. On FC4 you forgot to do this!

And I am having hell like every time I try to make a link! I always go to man link and get confused and then screw up.

Good! You shouldn't be making bogus links like this, you should be
installing the correct library in the first place.

If you need libstdc++.so.5, try installing it:

# yum install libstdc++.so.5


I had no idea yum could fix this, but for sure you should not need to fix it. I will try yum and report back. Thank you.

The only applications that don't work so far are Thunderbird and two others!


And I tried to yum libstdc++.so.5 and it told me there was no such thing!

So I did make a link to libstdc++.so.6 and this does not work. So what in the heck is going on? I can't imagine what I did. I loaded a new workstation in FC4 and thought all would be hunky dory and still it's broke!


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