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Re: FC5 - Logwatch reports stopped

On Fri, 2006-05-12 at 14:10 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
> Paul Howarth wrote:
> > Gene Heskett wrote:
> >> Gene Heskett wrote:
> >>> I've never gotten the logwatch report from this 3 week old FC5 
> >>> install on an HP lappy, but the above command, while very verbose, 
> >>> doesn't seem to be indicating any showstopper errors.  Any other 
> >>> ideas to try?
> >>>
> >> I found the problem, mutt is receiving the messages just fine.  So 
> >> how do I redirect them to thunderbird or kmail?
> >
> > Have you configured /etc/aliases to forward root's mail to wherever 
> > you read mail from in thunderbird or kmail?
> >
> > Paul.
> >
> Example please?  ATM I'm logged in as root diablo coyote den, which is 
> of course a local address in the 192.168 block.

How is thunderbird or kmail configured to read your mail? Local mailbox,

Is your sendmail configured to send mail out to the Internet properly?
If you do:
$ Mail -s "test message" gene heskett verizon net < /etc/fedora-release
do you receive it?


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