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Re: Inkjet Printer Recommendations

Stephen Mirowski wrote:
> Howdy all,
> As far as I can tell, it doesn't quite look like the big boys are on our
> side in the consumer market yet. I am looking for a decent inkjet
> printer, but not too expensive.  Not really planning on printing photos
> or jazz.  More so just documents, resumes, etc.  Currently running FC4.
> Any recommendations? Warnings?

Generally speaking, any Epson inkjet should work "pretty good" with the
current CUPS/gimp-print combo. I have a Stylus C80 (USB) and it works
magnificently, and with almost no configuration effort on my part,
thanks to the Project Utopia people. (In fact, the gimp-print/foomatic
drivers provide a better maximum quality than the Windows drivers!) This
printer cost me about $40 USD after a small rebate (bought in about the
middle of 2005 some time).

There are some which are better than others in terms of driver support,
et al. You may want to take a look at LinuxPrinting's suggested printers list:


Hope that helps.
Peter Gordon (codergeek42)
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