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Re: Inkjet Printer Recommendations

Stephen Mirowski wrote:
Howdy all,

As far as I can tell, it doesn't quite look like the big boys are on our side in the consumer market yet. I am looking for a decent inkjet printer, but not too expensive. Not really planning on printing photos or jazz. More so just documents, resumes, etc. Currently running FC4. Any recommendations? Warnings?


I bought an Epson Stylus C62 several years ago which runs off LPT1 via cups and works well but I was surprised to find that although I could squirt some black ink into the cartridge when needed the printer would not print. It contains a memory device that must be reset. I eventually had to buy a gadget to reset it for about $20. Refilling is convenient for me, it may not be a consideration for you but better to know about it before buying.

I have a newer HP6840 [eth/usb/wireless] which is still running on the original cartridges which are nearing the empty mark. I don't know if they are similarly equipped? I did buy spares for it though, still in an emergency it's convenient to be able to refill them and a whole lot less expensive. The refilled cartridges have work well for me and that would be a consideration.

Bob Goodwin   Zuni, Virginia     w2bod

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