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Re: Yumex is weird [SOLVED]

Claude Jones wrote:
On Fri May 12 2006 10:32 am, Paul Howarth wrote:
Lyvim Xaphir wrote:
Consider sometime trying kyum.  It seems both mature and


It's available off the repos.
It also has a rather nasty bug that the upstream author
doesn't consider to be a bug:


So watch out if you're a livna user or any of your repo files
have multiple baseurl values.

It might be useful if a couple of more people added comments to my bug report. Perhaps, it could even be in the form of an RFE. Right now, I consider KYUM unusable, even though it has several features I liked more than Yumex. Added comments could even possibly be in the form of RFE's, since the developers attitude is that this isn't a bug. He says he hasn't much time, so that may be the governing factor, here, but, maybe not...

Yes I tried Kyum in FC4 and didn't like it.


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