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Rhythmbox podcast access with wireless connection

Could you help me ?

I'm trying to use my Rhythmbox (rhythmbox- to get Podcast streams from my favourite
radio station on my FC4 and everything works well when my laptop is connected on
my corporate network (with a Cable-Ethernet network connection on eth0)
but when I want to receive the podcast streams from the same radio and
the same laptop computer station when I'm at home (with my wireless
connection on eth1), I's impossible to receive the streams all I get is
this error message: Error in podcast There was a problem adding this
podcast. Please verify the URL:
And nothing more, I cannot get any log or any idea of what happens but I
fell it is related to the fact that the network interface is not eth0,
how can i change my Rhythmbox config to tell it to try eth1 instead of
eth0 ?
Or is there particular ports to open in the firewall (from in to out)
other than http, https and ftp ?

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