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Re: Where things stand

Craig White wrote:
On Sat, 2006-05-13 at 09:48 -0600, Karl Larsen wrote:
I wonder if a person d/l FC4 from a mirror today does it have the lib or is it still missing it?
If you use yum to install software, it will automatically install
required dependencies but I am gathering that you are using Firefox and
Thunderbird programs not from Fedora Core but from mozilla org and are
installing them without yum and thus do not get any benefit from having
yum solve dependency issues for you so you are left to do that yourself.
It's Worse than that. I had no idea I could yum Thunderbird! That would be real nice.

Recognize that a massive amount of updates, both of security and bug fix
variety have been released for Fedora Core 4 and it is heavily
recommended that anyone installing Fedora Core should do a 'yum update'.
It should also note that this command will download a massive amount of
packages and take a very long time.
No-one suggested I use yum update. I'm wondering if that would be the proper way to fix my problems?
Also recognize that it is Fedora policy to EOL
I assume EOL stands for End of Life. What does that mean? Will yum stop working?
 a release when the second
testing release is made subsequent - which means that Fedora Core 4 is
expected to EOL on July 12 (the projected release of Fedora Core 6
Testing 2). Given the relatively short lifetime of Fedora Core 4 at this
point, I'm not sure that I would do a new install with it.

You maybe not but me yes. There is an issue with an application called gMFSK on FC5 and since I must have it back to FC4.
Lastly, as luck would have it, FC-2 and FC-4 were substantially changed
from their predecessors and had a number of issues that were problematic
for a relatively large number of users where FC-3 was generally easier
to install/configure and I expect the same from FC-5

   I don't recall a single person who ever used FC3.



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