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Re: OT for Fedora; but, pertinent to Linux printing??

looks like you weren't alone: http://kallokain.blogspot.com/2006/02/my-brain-is-constipated.html

On 5/13/06, William Case <billlinux rogers com> wrote:
Thanks Tony;

On Sat, 2006-13-05 at 13:52 -0400, Tony Nelson wrote:
> At 5:16 AM -0400 5/13/06, William Case wrote:

> >Script #1:  Print any text file to 5.5" x 8.5" sheets of paper.

> What I have seen suggested is instead to set up an additional "printer"
> with the size paper you want.
Yea.  I was trying to avoid that but it seems inevitable.

> >Script #2:   I want to start a print job X (user variable)
> >number of lines down on the first sheet or page.
> >All of the above can be done through a word processor but I am hoping to
> >set something up that is quick and dirty.
> Well, just output n blank lines and then the desired file(s) to the print
> job.  Something like:
>     ( for (( i=0 ; i<$X ; i=i+1 )) ; do echo ; done ; cat $f ) | lpr
> (Note that I haven't actually printed that way; I just piped to less.)

Oh, thank you.  I was drawing a blank and digging a deeper and deeper
scripting hole.  As soon has I saw your suggestion -- everything became
very obvious.  Being able to talk to someone is the best cure for brain

Regards Bill

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