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Re: Win2003 login remotely to FC4 via VNC

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On 13 May 2006 at 18:54, zillah wrote:

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> > the server isn't running as you expected or
> > you have a firewall 
> I am pretty sure that there is no firewall, as you can see that I have stoped iptables on the FC4 server,,,do I need to stop something else (may be I missed one)?
> >  or network problem
> The ping command is so far is ok, client can ping the server and the server can ping the client ,,,,do I need to test something else ?

What happens on the FC4 machine when you vncviewer localhost:2

How are you starting the vncserver sessions?
vncserver :2 
using the vncservers in the /etc/sysconfig
(Note: if you are using this method, the vncserver service must be started, 
and id doesn't work with the root id.)

What does ps -ef | grep vnc 

Also, what does it say when you run system-confg-securitylevel about the 
firewall setting. 

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