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Re: WiFi Internet

Karl Larsen wrote:
Gene Heskett wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
I have not kept up. Do any of the Fedora Core versions even try to have a WiFi setup? My laptop has Windows XP and a built in Wi Fi device. I think the problem has been that no Linux person can get details on the things.

   Of course it works fine with windows.


It depends somewhat on the chipset in the laptops radio. This HP has a broadcom bcm4318 radio in it, and this chip requires ndiswrapper and the windows drivers borrowed directly from the XP partition. Its been hell to make it work, but its now working quite well, and without using NetworkManager because I'm running KDE, its started by the usual network script in /etc/rc.d/init.d at startup for me. This is not how its supposed to work I keep being told. But it does...

If you are running gnome, the instructions at
should get you at least into the right ballpark.

There is, we're told, some progress on a reverse engineered kernel module to drive this family of chips, but getting info on how to setup this driver is a bit like finding a lifetime supply of hens teeth. Those were, and still are AFAIK, apparently made out of pure unobtainium. Of course someone closer to the progress of that driver than I obviously am, may chime right in and correct me. If you are keeping the box up2date with yum or yumex, then the latest kernels actually have this module in them already, and it may be that it can work if thats your chipset.

Otherwise post your lspci output so we can see what chipset the radio is.

Otherwise, the answer is:Fedora Core has no wifi but if your a graduate IT you might get it to work. I have heard of the Windows DLL with some kind of wrapper software. Geeze!


You are doing no one a favor by spreading fertilizer of that quality.

Cheers, Gene

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