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Re: WiFi Internet

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Gene Heskett <gene.heskett <at> verizon.net> writes:
There is, we're told, some progress on a reverse engineered kernel module to drive this family of chips, but getting info on how to setup this driver is a bit like finding a lifetime supply of hens teeth. Those were, and still are AFAIK, apparently made out of pure unobtainium.

Err, actually the bcm43xx driver is supposed to be in FC5. It's disabled by default because it doesn't work for everyone yet (and goes as far as locking up the system when loaded on systems it doesn't work on - so you definitely want
> modprobe it by hand before configuring it to be on by default), but
bcm43xx-fwcutter in Extras has instructions for how to enable it. If you're one of these people for whom it doesn't work, you'll have to wait for it to get fixed, but in principle it's there.

        Kevin Kofler

Well, TBT I got it to working with ndiswrapper the same night I started to see if I could, 2 weeks before I took off on this trip. Now I've heard of this method, but frankly, with all the hardlinks that exist in that area, there seems to be no well explained method of making a preserved copy of what is currently working so that the newer method can be reverted if it cannot be made to work. I cannot see what the reasoning behind having 3 copies of these config files in various directories, all hardlinked to the same inode, and if you cp one of them to a backup name, then edit what you think is a new file in the old ones name to try another idea, your edits go into a black hole on the "service network restart", AND your edits are carried over into what you THOUGHT was a backup copy stashed well out of the way, so not only is it not working, but your carefully made backup copy is also equally fubar'd. This rather effectively prevents any experimentation since you can edit ifcfg-wlan0 all you want, but you cannot actually change it except by accident or luck maybe, to try your newer idea. Every time you try something and it doesn't work a bit different than it did before, and you then go back to double-check your editing only to find that what you did is gone without a friggin trace, it gets damned frustrating. So frustrating that once I'd managed to make it work with this motels wifi, which took almost 2 weeks of screwing around because of disappearing edits, there's little or no chance I'll putz with it now till I go home again and have to or plug in an ethernet cable. Whomever is responsible for all those hardlinks scattered around in the subdirs of /etc/sysconfig should IMO be taken out behind the woodshed and introduced to the board of education. We need ONE, and ONE only, copy of ifcfg-(eth0/wlan0/etc0) to worry about. Life is too short to have to deal with someone more concerned with his job security because he's the only one who knows how it REALLY works, than in making it work for all. Particularly when you have already used up 71 of your alloted years here.

Decent man pages (man ifcfg-xxxx for instance) would also be a huge plus.

Cheers, Gene

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