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Re: Intel Macs & Linux

On Sat, 2006-05-13 at 15:58 -0700, John Wendel wrote:
> Steven Pasternak wrote:
> > Hi! I know that iTunes and Quicktime (among others) are popular 
> > software from Apple that they refuse to release for linux. Before, we 
> > had to depend on wine and the windblows edition of each to have them 
> > under linux. Since now Apple OSX (and iTunes and Quicktime) are going 
> > to be built under the x86 architecture, wouldn't it be possible to 
> > port them to Linux? OSX is really just FreeBSD with some changes; it 
> > is even built with GCC. I know that FreeBSD has linux support, can't 
> > linux have FreeBSD/OSX-x86 support? Thanks!
> > -Steven
> >
> Apple's shit won't port to Linux because they don't use X for graphics, 

I wouldn't describe it as "shit" - but anyway.

> they have their own closed source graphics code. You'd have to start by 
> reverse engineering the graphics library.

And probably violate patents.

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