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skype problems

Actually 2 of them.

1. I can only make one connection per reboot, otherwise there is "something wrong with the audio device" when a new connection is attempted. My headphones continue to function normally. And my own voice is flawless both in my phones and at the other end of the call.

2. Reception is very intermittent, and coupled with a lot of chuttering noises. This I verified is on my end by trying the echo123 facility, even the ladies recorded voice was chopped up into just fractions of a word here and there.

As a point of note, skype only opens a path to /dev/dsp once on the reboot and restart. It shows 3 opens to /dev/mixer when a failed call to echo123 is live, and leaves 2 of them behind when it has been hung up.

The audio system is an ATX in an HP laptop. OS is 386 FC5 with all updates on an amd64 turion system.

Does anybody have a clue to share?

Cheers, Gene

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