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Re: Kernel rpm

On 5/14/06, Todd Zullinger <tmz pobox com> wrote:
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Ali Helmy wrote:
> One more thing, After installing the kernel srpm, where is it
> located on the HDD?

Please read the release notes.  Your question is answered just a few
lines below the section I linked to earlier in this thread.  How in
the world are you planning to do any kernel development work if you
won't even read the release notes???

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I did read the release notes. That section 8.6 states "Fedora Core 5
does not include the kernel-source package provided by older versions.
Instead, configured sources are available, as described in this kernel
flavors section." and "Users who require access to Fedora Core
original kernel sources can find them in the kernel .src.rpm package."
Nowhere in the notes does it state that yum is incapable of installing
.src.rpm files.

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