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Re: cdrecord cannot blank CD RW

Paul Smith wrote:
On 5/14/06, David Timms <dtimms bigpond net au> wrote:
>> > > Whenever I try to blank a CD RW, I get the following:
>> > > cdrecord: Resource temporarily unavailable. Cannot get mmap for
>> > > 4198400 Bytes on /dev/zero.
>> > > $
>> > >
>> > > Any ideas?
>> >
>> > Does it work if you run it as root?
>> Yes, it does.
> Notwithstanding, I suppose it should work as user and not only as root.
I found that this happens because the CD is currently (auto)mounted.
 From nautilus the only option is eject. When you put the disc back in,
it gets mounted again :~{

Some kind folks mentioned gnome-umount:
# gnome-umount -d /dev/cdrw
then use your writing tools (eg k3b...)

I am using KDE. Does someone know how to disable automount on KDE?


So am I, and when kde brings up the what do I do with this window after inserting an audio cd for instance, I just tell it 'nothing', and 'mount' does not currently show it as mounted. I would assume that if it was a writable cd, that I should be able to proceed.

Cheers, Gene

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