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Re: gMFSK Blues

Rickey Moore wrote:
On Sat, 2006-05-13 at 19:28 -0600, Karl Larsen wrote:
I compiled a copy of this application for FC4 and it looks perfect. But when I tried to use it it does not get any signal from the speaker of the radio. I can send tones to the soundcard DSB engine and turn on the transmitter and send data in any of several modes. But data from the radio to the computer is not there. I recall others complaining about this.

I still have on this huge 160 GB hard drive a FC2 system that still works and I will verify that gMFSK works fine there and move back to that version. I have had nothing but profound problems with FC4 and FC5.

Is your soundcard set to full duplex? So you can send and receive if
you're using sound out / microphone in at once?
I do not know Rick, but it does act as if it is half-duplex. I was just on my old Fedora Core 2 and there gMFSK works fine. By accident the soundcard must be set for full duplex.

Now my problem is, how do you set a soundcard to half or full? I have not a clue. I wonder if the Volume Control has an effect on this? I clicked for help but none was forth-coming.


 The default is half
duplex and an upgrade would set it like that. I think... that sounds
like your problem. Note: full duplex will eat up some cpu. I use KDE so
going into control center and editing the sound setup is where I would
change the duplex option. Hope that helps.
ONE DAY, when I retire to a sailboat, I'll want to understand how
boaters use radio to send / recieve email html, etc. Is there a good
website you'd recommend? Ric

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