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Re: [OT] Google Trends

Ed Greshko wrote:
The folks at Red Hat may want to take a look at

Entering "red hat, suse, fedora, debian" produces results that may be of
interest to them

OK, so now do a search on:

"red hat"|"red hat enterprise linux"|redhat|rhel|"fedora core"|fc4|fc5,debian,suse,centos,ubuntu

Totally skews things towards Red Hat, making it appear to be much more searched than the others. But that still does not mean anything without a LOT more data.

Remember the old saw...  There are three types of lies:

1) Lies
2) Damned Lies
3) Statistics

Maybe the volume of Google searches on Red Hat's technologies are going down because the documentation at redhat.com and fedoraproject.org is so good that people don't need to go back to Google once they've found it. Maybe the search volume is going down because Red Hat is dying on the vine (not likely if you've been following their numbers recently). Or it could be that people aren't using search terms containing the text strings "red hat" or similar because they're searching on more specific terms like "rd-bomb: segfault at 0000002a95692000 rip 0000000000403023 rsp 0000007fbfffed70 error 6." I personally suspect that since people usually search on topics with which they are not familiar, it is a good sign that Red Hat is not being searched on as much. It just means that people aren't searching for info on Red Hat because they already know about it. But that's just my opinion - it's not based on any significant facts.

There are any number of reasons why you could see the trend you are seeing. Without a lot more data, I don't see anything really alarming.


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