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Re: Install FC5 on a partition WHILE running FC4 - Possible?

Vijay Gill wrote:
When you get to the point in the installation process where you are
assigning mount points to the partition you can decide which partition
mto be mounted as / where the installed Linux FC5 will go.

You did not follow my original mail I guess. I know how to install
Fedora by booting off the Fedora install CD/DVD.

My original query was how to install FC5 on a machine WHILE the same
machine is booted up and running on FC4. For example in Windowsm, we
can start the install process of newer version while running older
version. The install process is invoked manually.

It's invoked manually, but after copying some files over, it reboots into a clean installer environment.

Is there same facility in Fedora too? I have been unable to find so far.

Are you trying to do the full install whilst keeping FC4 running (which will be very difficult to do), or are you just trying to boot the FC5 installer from FC4 (which of course will stop FC4 before the installer kernel boots)?


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