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Re: bluetooth on fedora core 5

About the bluetooth service, yes, I tried to stop and restart the service several times but unfortunately nothing is changed. I tried to execute the hciconfig -a command as well, but I didn't have any result.
I don't know how I can solve this problem.
The kernel version is 2.6.16 and I checked also that the system loads modules for bluetooth
bluetooth module,hci_usb module,l2cap module and something else.
Should I do some updates?
Should I modify other configuration files?
Thanks in advance
Best regards

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Subject: Re: bluetooth on fedora core 5

S. Cesaretti wrote:

Hi all,
I need to configure bluetooth device on fedora core 5.
I have one notebook dell inspiron 630m and it should have the bluetooth
device integrated but
when I try to configure it on fedora core and
I try to execute the command:
hcitool scan
It doesn't find anything.
I tried to install one bluetooth key as well that I used to use before
with fedora core 4 but It doesn't work as well.
I modified the file /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf with right parameters
but nothing changed.
How can I solve this thing?
is there any automatic tools in text mode to configure the bluetooth

(1) Have you tried (as root) "service bluetooth restart"?

(2) What does "hciconfig -a" say?

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