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Re: RAID SATA cards

Benjamin Franz wrote:
On Mon, 15 May 2006, Randy Vice wrote:

I'm looking to update my FC4 box (home server) to SATA RAID 1, any suggestions on the least painful low end RAID SATA card?

I would look at the 3ware 80062LPKIT PCI SATA Controller Card. It is a
$125 through newegg.

I have been using MD for ages with no complaints with SATA. I use cheap controllers and LVM. No issues to worry about hardware compatibility.

My present system has on board for two drives and an add-in card for the second two drives. md0 has one drive on the MB and one on the add-in card. Same for md1.

If I want to add more drives, I just add another card and then move the drives around. I just didn't want both drives on the same controller card.

I have looked at RAID cards for a file server but I am waiting for NCQ to be common place and the prices to drop a bit. :)

Robin Laing

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