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Re: D-BUS/Qt3 bindings

Chris Jones wrote:
Long story (as I understand it): the dbus-qt3 bindings were recently
removed from upsgream dbus due to lack of maintainership.  So, the
version of dbus on fc5 is new enough to not even include those bindings.
 The good news is that there is a new dbus-qt maintainer (for both qt3
and qt4), but the new qt3 bindings aren't binary compatible with the old
ones, and aren't distributed with dbus.  So the question is, does
kentworkmanager need/use the old no-longer-available dbus/qt3 bindings,
or is it asking for the new (not-yet-available) dbus/qt3  bindings?

Hi rex,

I have had a few responses on the networkmanager list


Do they make any sense to you ?

OK, I have dbus-qt packages for FC-3/FC-4, but couldn't find those bits in the dbus src tarball, and thought they were gone.

I'll go look again.

-- Rex

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