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Re: Kernel rpm

On 5/12/06, Ali Helmy <alihelmy gmail com> wrote:

Is there some rpm package that I can get for the Kernel?

As others have suggeted, you want to use yumdownloader to pull down
the SRPM for the kernel. You probably want to look into the "rawhide"
distribution or at http://people.redhat.com/davej for Dave's
up-to-date Fedora kernels, since you can then "track" the upstream

You'll then want to rpmbuild -bp it in order to get a fully patched up
set of kernel sources in /usr/src/redhat/BUILD against e.g. 2.6.16 if
you're tracking the rawhide distro.

What you probably also want to do, however, is to look at kernel.org
(specifically the sections on git, the Software Configuration
Management tool used for kernel development - check out the gitk
visual tool for tracking the current status of the development) and
download the latest kernels from there in their pre-Fedora patched
state. That'll help if you're reading the books, which tend to track
2.6.10 as the most recent written about kernel.


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