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Re: A Very happy Camper on FC4

Les Mikesell wrote:
On Mon, 2006-05-15 at 14:07, Karl Larsen wrote:
With fedora, the big reason to change is that you'll stop getting
security updates for your installed version when the 2nd subsequent
version goes into beta.

But I thought that is what the legacy project was for.  I used FC1 until
last summer when I was between projects.  I will stay with FC4 until I
know I can get a reasonably safe install and the applications I use on a
daily basis are in the repositories.

Yes, I think you're right, that is what the legacy project is there for.

Well the yum update seemed to have a whole lot of items for FC4, like 500 and one upgraded Open Office to version 2.0. It is likely that some new thing like a modified Firefox comes over the Internet from Firefox direct. And it's no problem at all.

First, you are picking up all the updates from the FC4 release
and second FC4 hasn't been moved to legacy yet. But note that
if you add any additional software or newer versions from
other sources yourself you have to keep it updated yourself
and if any of those RPMs conflict with core versions you
may break the ability to update at all.

And my idea of old is sure a longer period than the one used by Fedora. I will keep FC4 for several years. There is no reason not to since it's doing what I want just fine after initial bugs were yummed out.

It's almost certain that more bugs will be found, including
security-related ones.  Being able to stay up to date with
fixes is important especially if you are internet-exposed.

Of course I'm Internet exposed but through a DSL modem with a very capable hardware firewall. I have never been hacked.


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