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Re: Fishing License

On Fri, 2006-12-05 at 13:58 +0930, Tim wrote:
> Tim:
> >> But then I disagree with the notion of homework, anyway.  It's only
> >> value is to involve parents with their child's education, but most
> >> don't, or don't do it in a worthwhile manner.  The kids go to school to
> >> learn, at the end of the day they've done enough of that.  Likewise most
> >> parents have had enough work during their day, and don't want to spend
> >> several more hours doing work on something at home.
> >>
> >> It, homework, is pointless anyway.  I work in electronics, I highly
> >> technical field.  I've never needed anything I was taught at high school
> >> beyond basic maths in the first couple years, and the same applies for
> >> most people that I know in a wide variety of jobs.  All those nightly
> >> hours of grief were a complete waste of my time.  If I knew then what I
> >> knew now, I would have coasted school.  I would have flatly refused to
> >> waste my time with pointless rubbish, insisted that they constrain
> >> themselves to teaching things that were genuinely useful, and flatly
> >> refused to co-operate with any punishments meted out.  Even when I
> >> worked in schools I realised it was a pointless place for most people.
> Thomas Cameron:
> > That has got to be the dumbest argument I have ever heard in my life.
> Oh really?  Have you also spent around 15 years working in schools?  I
> have.  I have practical experience from both sides of the fence that
> it's a pointless exercise.  Can you remember everything that you were
> taught at school?  Do you use a fraction of it?
> I did the highly academic subjects (English, Maths I & II [trig and
> algebra, I never remember which is which anymore, we didn't have
> calculus], Physics and Chemistry).  All of which were listed as
> prerequisites for my tertiary training, NONE of which were ever needed.
You say you work in electronics, but you don't know the difference
between algebra and trigonometry. Unless you mean you are an 
electronics repair technician those statements are mutually 
exclusive and one must be a fabrication.

I started off in electronics, and have had to use algebra, 
trigonometry and calculus to solve complex issues. All 
electronic components require a significant knowledge of 
physics to understand, and most real world interfaces that 
are connected to electronics are well served by good working 
a knowledge of chemistry.

If you need to correspond with any air of intelligence in 
the English language, then English is very important. From 
what I have read of your posts, you should have paid much 
more attention when the teacher was giving instructions on 
grammar and spelling. I know I should have paid more attention.

If you have spent 15 years working in schools with your 
apparent level of intelligence, and attitude toward 
education, then I feel terribly sorry for the students 
at your school(s).

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