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RE: evolution & digital signatures

Take a look at
te_key. It is for Thawte certs but may yet be applicable. 

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Subject: evolution & digital signatures

I recently got Digital Signature/Certificate from
https://tcs-ca.tcs.co.in. I followed their instruction for downloading
the key in windows internet explorer and taking backup of the same
in .pfx format. Now, I want to use the same in our evolution. How to do
I imported the same into evolution at
Edit>Preferences>Certificates>Yours and added the same for S/MIME at
Edit>Preferences>Mailaccounts>Security. Still I cannot sign and I get
the following error:
Because "Cannot add SMIMEEncKeyPrefs attribute", you may need to select
different mail options.
Where do I go wrong? Is it not possible to use the certificate in linux
since it was generated in windows? BTW, I could use the same in outlook
express - no problems.
Please help. Thanks in advance.

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