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Re: A Very happy Camper on FC4

Arthur Pemberton wrote:
[ snip ]

    The windows XP was a huge improvement over windows ME which was a
bag of bugs. My wife bought a computer that came with ME. She had
several problems and called a kid who lived down the street but is now
an up an coming Microsoft manager. She called him and he said delete ME
and load the XP Home and you will be happy. She has been but I'm tired
of buying virus programs :-)


Not for me. I much prefer Windows ME to Windows XP. However, newer
Windows only applications tend not to work in ME. But I still prefer
Windows ME to XP.

Strange thing about ME. On a percentage of installs on a percentage of hardware profiles, it will act like the best operating system every made. However, when doing the math, a percentage of a percentage isn't much. I figure the quality installs of ME is about 0.00001%


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