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Re: A Very happy Camper on FC4

On 5/16/06, Stephen Mirowski <spmirowski shaw ca> wrote:
Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> [ snip ]
>>     The windows XP was a huge improvement over windows ME which was a
>> bag of bugs. My wife bought a computer that came with ME. She had
>> several problems and called a kid who lived down the street but is now
>> an up an coming Microsoft manager. She called him and he said delete ME
>> and load the XP Home and you will be happy. She has been but I'm tired
>> of buying virus programs :-)
>> Karl
> Not for me. I much prefer Windows ME to Windows XP. However, newer
> Windows only applications tend not to work in ME. But I still prefer
> Windows ME to XP.
Strange thing about ME.  On a percentage of installs on a percentage of
hardware profiles, it will act like the best operating system every
made.  However, when doing the math, a percentage of a percentage isn't
much.  I figure the quality installs of ME is about 0.00001%


I guess I was lucky and within that percentage. But here's some of the
issues i have with WinXP: I tend to "fix" computer for friends and
family, and with Windows XP i have seen many errors, when after
tickering and Googling, the best solution seems to be to just
reinstall. I was able to _never_ reinstall my Windows ME, and still
have it working well. Also, with ME, i could simply copy drivers and
.inf files to where they need to be and have thigns work. That simply
is not possible with WInXP.

To be updated...

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