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Re: Fishing License

Andy Green wrote:
Guy Fraser wrote:

At lease you can write in full and intelligible sentences.

The curse of posts complaining about posts being doomed to do exactly the thing they are complaining about strikes again.

great pride, but I now wish, I had gone even further, because
now I am at the top of my pay scale, and need more advanced degrees to move up. It would have been much easier 20 some years ago. Like my dad used to say : School isn't for evryone, the world needs garbage men too.

This is true, but... you can always work for yourself if the people above you put pieces of paper above their firsthand knowledge of the value of your skills.

Also, in your other post about electronics, the area involving digital logic, which is most of the game nowadays, does not require any nontrivial math, chemistry or whatever. Both of you can be right in your assertions.


For Electronics work which I have performed since 1976, the following factors were hepful. The vocational schools during the last two years of High school, Military derived education and continually staying in touch with technological advances is pretty much a necessity to stay successful. Education before that seemed to be most effective when presented in a modular form where students studied at their ability. These students could then help their peers when they excelled past the other students.

Helping others learn is a learning experience in itself. When you teach, you inherit the thinking processes for those you teach. A lot of concepts are better understood when viewed from different perspectives and at different thought levels.

Regarding license issues. No amount of education helps to make the conditions agreed to clear to understand.


Youth is such a wonderful thing.  What a crime to waste it on children.
		-- George Bernard Shaw

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