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Re: can named listen to other port not 53 / some dnsmasq question.

M E Fieu wrote:
> Hi.. 
> Question 1
> how to make the DNS Bind Name listen to other port e.g 54 instead of port 53 ??
> Question 2
> Any one used DNSmasq before? DNSmasq can query the named DNS server and if the record is not
> found, it will query the public DNS server that listed in resolv.conf
> But DNSmasq can't use the same port as the local named server, I want to set the named DNS server
> to listen to port 54 so I need to configure the DNSmasq to query via port 54 to named right?  Does
> anyone know how to do it? 
It might be better if you told us what you are trying to do here.
Normaly, you do not run another name server along with DNSmasq. The
way I have set up DNSmasq in the past is to have it be the name
server for the local network. If the query is for a machine on the
local network, or one in its cache that has not expired, it handles
it directly. If not, it passes the query to the upstream name
servers it is configured to use. For dialup, you can configure the
PPP connection not to update /etc/resolv.conf, only
/etc/ppp/resolv.conf and have DNSmasq watch that file for changes.
It will then use your ISP's name servers when you connect. I am sure
you could do the same type of thing for a DHCP connection, so that
it does not overwrite /etc/resolv.conf (PEERDNS=no), but updates
another file that DNSmasq watches instead. Or you can configure
DNSmasq to use specific name servers.

On the other hand, if you need a name server with features that
DNSmasq does not support, then you probably do not need DNSmasq
running as well. You can just configure a local zone for your local
network in Bind. The only time I can think of when you might want to
run both is if you want one name server for the local network, and
one that is accessable from the Internet. If the machine has
separate interfaces, you can tell each program what interface to
use. About the only time you would want to change the port would be
if you are using a firewall to forward DNS queries from the INternet
to a machine inside the firewall. In that case you would want to use
a different port for BIND. But you are probably not going to want
DNSmasq to query that name server as its upstream name server.

One other thing to keep in mind - programs running on the local
machine will use the name server pointed to by /etc/resolv.conf,
even if you have a name server running on the local machine.


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