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Re: fc5 Old hardware problems: rtl8019as ne2000 compatible and Creative Vibra16C Pnp

Samuel Díaz García wrote:
> Hi guys, I'm trying to configure:
>    1) Realtek RTL8019AS ISA NETWORK (appears to be ne1000/ne2000 drivers).
>    2) Creative Vibra16C PnP ISA sound adapter.
> The rtl8019as is listed with lspci, but the sound adapter not.
> About the rtl8019as, I found this url:
> http://www.europe.redhat.com/documentation/rhl7.2/rhl-rg-es-7.2/s1-modules-ethernet.php3
> But in FC5, the ne.ko module is not under /lib/modules/`uname
> -r`/kernel/driver/net and I can't try use it.
> The Vibra16C, is detected by the "sound detection app", but don't works.
> Anybody can help me with these hardware?
> Thanks
For the rtl8019as, you probably need the ne2 module, and not the ne
module. You may have to specify the i/o and IRQ used by the card.
Detecting them automatically does not always work on ISA cards. I am
not sure about the sound card - you may need to install the ISA Plug
and Play tools. I do not think they are installed by default. Not
too many people are using ISA Plug and Play cards any more.

You may want to read the Plug and Play HOWTO.


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