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Re: Held key doesn't auto-repeat in FC5 under VMWare

On 5/16/06, Berg, Ivan Michael (Ivan) <ivanberg avaya com> wrote:
I recently installed FC5 into the latest VMWare Workstation 5.5.1 and
got vmware tools to work via the vmware-any-any updates.

Everything seems great, except I have one issue. No matter what I do, I
can't hold down a key and get it to auto-repeat. This quickly becomes
very annoying, especially when trying to arrow over to a certain
character, as I have to hit the arrow key repeatedly.

Not sure if this has anything to do with VMWare or if it's FC5. Need to
distribute the VM for training soon, so would appreciate any
troubleshooting tips or responses.

Didn't see anything via web searchs of VMWare forums regarding this

Thanks, Ivan

That's because we don't have your problem. FWIW: I can get autorepeat
to work in the login in screen of my FC5 client OS; and, this is
happening before vmware-toolbox is invoked.

My questions for you are:

a) What is your host OS?

b) Does autorepeat work in your host OS?

c) Have you checked Edit->Preferences->Input or
VM->Settings-Options->Advanced settings?

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