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Re: Good Bye FC5

Arthur Pemberton wrote:

On 5/16/06, Lyvim Xaphir <knightmerc yahoo com> wrote:

On Mon, 2006-05-15 at 21:03 -0500, Russell Golden wrote:
> Lyvim Xaphir wrote:

> >This is alot of the reason why I prefer KDE.
> >
> >LX
> >
> >
> The changes in GNOME and Nautilus are the main reasons why I'm sticking > with Shrike. I think it's the newer GNOME and Nautilus releases, but the
> ones that come with Fedora just completely alienated me.
> While we're on this subject, is there a way on the newer Nautilus to
> keep everything in one window like the older Shrike versions and not
> open a new window for each folder?
> Russell Golden

You know, I don't know where this "open new window everytime" mentality
came from, but like you I find it highly annoying.

Dude, where have you been. This was how progman in Win 3.x worked.

yes, and thank God they made an option in win9x to keep everything in the same window. it's stupid to have everything in separate windows. it's just clutter

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