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Re: Good Bye FC5 [Kitchen Sink]

Russell Golden wrote:

> something else that bugs me. If I upgrade from Shrike to FC4, I get the
> regular console startup stuff. If I install FC4 from scratch, I get a
> graphical thing during boot, and i have to press one of the buttons to
> see what's going on. when your machine only has dual P2's this doesn't
> work too well. Is there a way to install from scratch and get the
> console boot thing like there was in Shrike?

I don't know about "from scratch" but it is quite easy to get the
desired behavior.

Go to your /etc/grub directory and edit the kernel lines to remove the
"rhgb" parameter.  rhgb=red hat graphical boot.

FWIW, it would be nice if folks would stop using this thread for
"kitchen sink" items.  Create a new thread with meaningful subjects!
This thread is getting very boring with things that have nothing to do
with Fedora.  I'm just about getting ready to put this subject in a kill
file as well....


Ban the bomb.  Save the world for conventional warfare.

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