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Re: Experience with FC5 - what's your take?

On 5/15/06, Marcelo Magno T. Sales <marcelo sales sefaz pe gov br> wrote:
Em Sábado 13 Maio 2006 11:40, Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu escreveu:
> Hell Everyone,

> I'd call myself a very well experienced Linux user.  I'm confident
> I could iron out most any problems associated with doing the
> upgrade. But, I'm still hesitant.  So, can anyone convince me
> otherwise?  What's been your experience with FC5 so far?  Were you
> able to wipe everything and just keep /home intact (in the past
> I've had very wierd things happen when I've done this, so I've had
> to do selective restores when upgrading)?  Any issues that you just
> can't get rid of?  Has FC5 been stable?  VMware Workstation running
> okay (I know about the patches)?

I liked FC5 very much in my desktop workstation (except for a xorg's
bug which cause unexpected behavior when pressing the win key), but
had some problems in my notebook. The worst thing is that Intel video
drivers are broken in xorg 6.9 and 7.0 (FC5 comes with 7.0). I spent
some weeks using the vesa driver, but then I became tired of not
being able to watch DVDs and do other things which require some
graphical speed and then installed FC4 back. Xorg 6.8 drivers work
flawlessly. When this issue is solved, I will probably install FC5
again. Maybe it won't take to long for that, because this bug is
already marked as solved in xorg's bugzilla...


I felt Fedora Core 5 need more CPU power to use because I just used
Pentium 3 866 Mhz 512MB RAM. But so far... it is ok...
But It may it not enough CPU power for coming Fedora Core 6? I am consider....
Sometime I felt Redhat 9 is better because it is fast and more stable
than Fedora Core 5.

The above is my opinion...

Wong Kwok Hon

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